Aku, Dia & WordPress… (part deux)

I have to say, after about a month or so playing around (godek sana, godek sini) with WordPress wearing my developer’s hat, I’m finally SOLD!

Last week I demonstrated the capabilities of WordPress to a couple of my colleagues. Their jaws just dropped in awe. Like seriously, bro…

Wish I have known about this earlier though. Tak la rugi masa nak create those tedious CMS’s pages tu. Btw, now that I’m all into WordPress, the rest, like they often say, is HISTORY.

Effective and Efficient. And of course, it’s intuitive as well! You don’t even need to know any php or mysql thingy. Thanks WordPress!

Note: Buat sesapa yang terasa nak mencuba WordPress, do email me/leave a comment. I have tons of resources of know-how which I would like to share with others…


2 responses to “Aku, Dia & WordPress… (part deux)

  1. Memang intention nak set up blog, & all I see in front of me is blogspot.
    Boleh missed WordPress!

    Anyhoo, ada ke cara nak transfer content sy kat blogspot to WP,
    atau just cut-&-paste je……?

  2. Hmm, tak sure sama ada boleh import export the data from blogspot to wordpress esp kalau guna free hosting provided by the two sites. I’ll look into it this weekend.

    By Rafys, jangan lupa apply for bengkel web ckub scheduled on early next month tu. memang useful especially for those yang interested nak develop web/blog/portfolio…

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