Wallet of the future?

The answer? Your mobilephone. Soon, very2 soon…

Errr btw, while I’m on the topic of tipon in, I remember during my studies at RPI circa 2007 while I was online for some notes on cognitive psychology, I came across the terms ‘Persuasive Technology’ and Captology (which refer to the study of computers as persuasive technologies) as coined byProf BJ Fogg of Standford University (adus, tetiba teringat nak studi balik pulak dah, huhu). Macam menarik…

The next day, I went straight to the Folsom library to the get the book and amazingly was able to cover it back to back in just one day. Among others, he discusses on the impact of the technologies we are using and interacting with today on our thought and behavior.

Nowadays, he’s currently one of the leading gurus in this area. Fortune even got placed name in the list of 10 new gurus you should know for his works and research on how mobile technology will be the most powerful way to influence consumers in the next 15 years. Like seriously, that thought ain’t far away…


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