Fast Flip…


Like seriously, the good people of Google will never stop to amaze me.

Google Fast Flip, the latest addition to their wonderful array of  web apps, is an app which let us to quickly scan/browse several sites at one go. Wait, here comes the best part.

We can ‘flip’ thru them like what we usually experience with offline newspapers & mags. We can even customize the content. On the fly. Brilliant!

Errr, yes I know. Offline? Doesn’t it mean printed copies, Ayien? Yeah, whateva 🙂 .

Btw, I kinda realised something. Just recently though. Wheneva I’m watching CNN on tv and terperasan those running news headlines at the bottom of the screen tu that interest me, my brain will compute (slowly, huhu) and later on will instruct my right hand (to be exact, my index finger) to do something, which is,

“Click on the headline. I want to read the details. Go on, click. NOW!”

Yes, I guess I have issues.

*Must spend less time on the Net  8) …

Nway, berbalik kepada cerita kita tadi. Google Flip is just awesome dude. Very intuitive. I LIKE! User experience at its best!


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