Why En Rafa, why?

Last nite against the Cottagers with 27 mins left on the clock and a not-so-awesome 1-1 on the score sheet, all of a sudden you decided to withdraw your top scorer. Later on another one kena kuar. Abis sapa mau score itu macam?

Whateva your reason is, fans don’t want to know that. What matter most is the result. Number doesn’t lies. 5 losses in 11 games and it ain’t Hari Natal yet? Ouch!

Why En Rafa, WHY?

Nway, whateva it is, I’m 100% sure come next season, Malaysia will be flooded with hundreds of The Reds’ fans wearing the ever-long-awaited Liverpool replica jersey sambil2 dok melepak kat kedai2 mamak Sabtu malam.

I like đŸ˜€ …


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