Yup, potong. Jangan tak potong (no pun intended) …

In view of the recent development annouced during the Budget 2010 tabled last month regarding the RM50 annual service tax on principal credit card, I have decided to potong (and cancelled) all my cards.

Errr, tinggal satu jer yang tak. Nak guna masa nak travel outstation nanti2…

How to Cut Up and Throw Away a Credit Card

  1. Look at the credit card and be certain that this is the credit card that you want to cut up. Don’t laugh; many have absentmindedly cut up their new credit cards!
  2. Identify the embossed card number on the front. Turn it over. Recognize that number is reproduced on the back with the addition of a three digit security code.
  3. Referencing the front of the card, cut three times. Once between the four groups of numbers. Snip, snip, and snip.
  4. Find the security code on the reverse side. Cut so that the embossed number and code are separated. Snip. Also a good idea to snip each of the four pieces into halves again (eighths).
  5. Discard each of the eight parts in a different receptacle. Preferably in different cities. But, distinctly different locations and at distinctly different times. 😀
    Source: WikiHow.com

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