Pay yourself first…

For me, this is a very powerful technique when it comes to personal financial management. Make it a habit, be it either 1% or 10% of your salary. Dapat jer gaji, jangan lupa terus bayar kepada diri sendiri dulu…

Bayangkan bil tipon yang RM80 – RM100 tiap2 bulan tu, nak tak nak still kena bayar. Nak elakkan kena suspend.

Do the same by paying yourself first. Just treat it as your monthly bills or expenses. Tak kisahlah simpan duit tu dlm a/c semasa, bank lain atau ASB…


3 responses to “Pay yourself first…

  1. I have one tips for 1) investing your cash and 2) ensure cashflow is not interrupted – make a rolling investment fund, the easiest would be fixed deposits. Deposit, say 3 sets of rm 1k for 3month, 4month and 5month and at the end of each deposit you roll again for another 3 month. But because you have the 3 sets 1 month apart, you’ll have at least one month of cash available for emergency without the loss in investment 🙂

  2. can i give you some money for you to invest later..i give commission once sudaa untung la..can or not? huhuhu..or free of charge..

  3. Slm. Kenapa tak kat LUTH?

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