Pembudayaan ICT…

One of the things I like the most about US ni is definitely their online thingy particulary internet purchasing. Mind you, the Yankees be it the government or the private sectors are doing their best to encourage their citizen to use the Web and IT in general. Take this for example:

Six Flags New England
Online Special – $31 for all.

If you purchase the ticket at the park, general adminssion will cost $41.99.

Although they’ll lose out a bit in revenue, but they make it up in volume @ no of tickets sold. Furthermore, no more queue at ticket counters. Visitors are happy. For sure they’ll be back again…

What say you? Good eh?


One response to “Pembudayaan ICT…

  1. huhuh..tgk gambar tu teringat kitaorang pegi darien lake ( ala2 six flag) masa summer dulu..nazrol je berani naik benda alah tu..wa tarak berani wooo. kecut perut:P

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