Over the past couple of years, I’ve been depending a lot on online version of mainstream newspapers to feed my hunger for information.

Tahun ni rasanya boleh bilang dengan jari je berapa kali sy beli newspapers kat kedai …

One great thing about these news portals is that they provide RSS feature for those who prefer to scan and browse through the titles (plus the excerpt) first before reading on . This is of course achievable via RSS reader like Google Reader.

And  once you got your eyes on something you like, you can just click on the title and it’ll take you to the actual page on the news site for your perusal.

So far so good kan? But…

Lately, I’ve been noticing something on these sites that makes my blood go up, up and away. Bukan sekali sekala, dan bukan satu news portal jer. Boleh kata majoritinya buat benda ni.

Those irritating pop up flash advertisements!

Ada yang kekadang sampai setengah skrin diameknya…

A big NO, NO!

I wished they have done some user research first before they started to go all out applying this technique. For readers who just want to read the news (like me), they DO NOT care about the advertisements especially those yang tetiba je ambush and kidnap your screen. Tambah2 lak, kalau yang guna imej grafik yang tah apa2 tu.

Hello, ever heard of banner blindness and seducible moment?

Instead of providing readers with good user experience, you’re actually distracting them. Then of course, they’ll get annoyed.

Now what do I normally do when I’m in this kind of situation? Macam biasa, cari button ‘close’ atau ‘tutup’.

Abis cerita…

Btw, if you want to learn from the best when it comes to great techniques for online ads, Google AdSense perhaps is your best bet. Include the ones that are relevant to the content your readers are reading, and use text instead of image….

Sekian sahaja laporan untuk hari ini. Majulah Liverpool untuk semua 😀 …

Pengurus – Baru je balik dari Taman Tema Keriangan Genting. Semua ngadu kaki lenguh/sakit. Mana taknya, masa naik bot kayuh tak ingat dunia. Pastu lak, kejap kat outdoor park, kejap masuk dalam, huh…


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