The day …

the so called ‘4G’ Internet service provider let me down 😦 …

Back up plan?

Celcom 3G via my N73. The speed is not that bad though. Still I have to fork out RM6 for it…

As a paid customer, I believe I’m entitled to lodge a formal complaint to the former (which I just did just a couple of mins ago). Now. let’s see what they got to say about this.

p/s: Their customer service informed me that the problem will only be rectified this coming Monday.

MONDAY?! In Internet world, dah kira berkurun lama tu. Tak pasal2 je, surat ‘cinta’ dah selamat dikirim di angin lalu tadi…

Pengurus – Emo la pagi2 cam gini, huhu…


2 responses to “The day …

  1. I too believe Msia should be equipped with a good internet infrastructure, biar byk coverage. Idaklah sini ada 3g, situ takda 3g. Tensen ok. *mode tensen sebab my taman perumahan kat changlun takdak 3g* hehe

  2. Yup, setuju sesangat DeLinn.

    Broadband ada, tp coverage kureng, just like what you mentioned. Kalau ada pun, xpensive lak tu: 1Mb for RM100 (average). Kat US sinun, 10Mb – RM170.

    That’s why content service providers from overseas are reluctant to invest selagi infra tak mantap. Rugi jer nanti, pasal orang tak leh fully utilise the services provided by them…

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