Simply bad usability…

Notice the set of buttons at the bottom of the picture? Barely right? You may have to squint your eyes …

Now, take a few steps back and look at them again. Try to figure out which button lets you play the cd and which lets you to pause. Can’t do?

Yup, this is simply bad usability…

Nak elegan punya pasal, sampai nak tekan button pun tak tau yang mana satu. Itu kalau tengok dari atas. Dari side view, memang out. You know what I finally did?

Pinjam markers kakak, pastu color buttons yang ada. Then, I emailed the pic with the colored-buttons to the company which engineered this thingy, huhu…

Want to know what else is as ‘good’ as the one above? With great pleasure I present…

Nuff said! 😀


2 responses to “Simply bad usability…

  1. second pic tu, jenuh mencari button. by the time, mood nak nonton pun down! hehehe

  2. Setuju, selalu kalau dvd yang murah2 tu, memang selalu dapat remote cam gini, huhu….

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