Balik kampung…

Initially, we were planning on hitting the road around 9:00 pm-ish

On the way back from office (just after 5:20 pm), NKVE was badly congested due to an accident involving 2 cars and a lorry on the side of the road (Damansara heading towards Sungai Buluh). It was bumper to bumper all right, for almost 2 km long. Hmm, 1st yellow flag…

Oh yeah, did I tell you it was raining HEAVILY as well? 2nd yellow flag…

Sampai di rumah, masih lg dok pikiaq. Balik malam ni ka atau esok pagi je?

After maghrib, went online kejap. Check my Google Readers and came accross this:

CNY traffic update from the Star

Ok, lemme cuba try test klik tengok…

North South Expressway: Slow moving traffic due to heavy volume of traffic from Senai to Skudai, from Nilai to Seremban, from Juru heading towards the Penang bridge, from Subang to Rawang and from Jalan Duta heading towards Sungai Buloh.

Accident report: overturned car at KM304 from Gopeng to Tapah. Car is not obstructing traffic, but it remains slow moving at the scene.


Ok, mama dan kanak2 sekalian, kita balik kampung pagi besok je lah…


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