Mind your language…

A few weeks back, I went to the post office with the intention of sending a parcel to my sis in the States…

Selepas timbang,

Berapa Cik?

RMxx.xx. Kalau registered kena tambah lagi RM3.50.

Errr, ok. Cam gitu registered la…

Fast forward a few weeks later, baru teringat pasal parcel ni. Lucklily I still keep the receipt though, errr somewhere in my wallet rasanya, huhu. I went straight to their website to check on the status…

Keluarlah status ni,

Dispatch To 640005

Errr, apa ke bondo 640005 tu bang? Cakap biar terang. Lepas a quick search via google, I found this…

For your information, “Dispatch to 64005” means through our International Mail Processing Centre, KLIA, the item has been dispatched from Malaysia to the destination.

Oh, gitu. And the best part of all, that’s it. It turns out, from this point onwards, there’s no other way to find out the location of the parcel since it’s already out of the country…

Hmmm, awat tak cakap awai2 hari tu Cik? Serupa macam tak payah jer sy guna registered mail tu, huhu…


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