Road Trip Uncle Sam…

This entry is dedicated especially to my brother, Faiz who is now somewhere in the States :D. Bet this will be one of the trips he will remember in a long, long time…

I know I did and still do.

Like, how could I will ever forget  the serenity and the picturesque of Bennington, a small town in Vermont, the trip we made just a day after AidilFitri of ’07  during my fav’s season of all, when all the trees change colors and eventually sheds their leaves away…

Errr Faiz, if you’re reading this (which I seriously doubt considering the pack schedule ahead of you and the others), jangan lupa cari fridge magnet aaa 8) …

Kebetulan pulak orang Amerika kat Rochester sinun dah nak balik, dlm seminggu yg lepas ni, tiap2 hari musti buka Amazon.

Order bang, jangan tak order. Mana mau dapat buku baru diskaun sampai 50%, huhu…


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