Things that you do…

when you’re feeling bored, not to mention hungry as well (my dinner was a pack of Gardenia’s Butter Toffee and Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea – Alhamdulillah) and all alone in a hotel room here in Kuala Terengganu…

Prepare meeting minutes which is long-due (huhu, baru je siap kejap tadi)

Layan YouTube until you’re, well, bored (bored kuasa dua – how ironic. Bored yang asal deduct bored yang baru = bored no more. Seriously, this really shows how bored I am 🙂 )

Definitely one of the best cover versions of Use Somebody I ever heard. I like!

Btw, her cover version of Justin Bieber’s Baby is worth hearing as well.

More about her on

Alamak, lupa bawak my Oly la. Semalam dah teringat nak bawak, tak juga jadinya. Tak dapat la nak snap mana yang patut kat area Primula ni…

Tak pa, Cherating cuti sekolah ni musti kena bawak…


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