I definitely want one!

During m years in Manchester back in 96 – 98, I seriously lost count of the no. of visits I made to JJB Sports at Arndale in search for discounted jersys – especially masa final year, when I have to change buses at the city center to get home. Asal sampai je ke pekan, sure pi Arndale dulu sebelum balik, huhu…

Masa nak balik Malaysia, ada la dalam 45 semunya yang sempat dikumpul 8) ….

Tpnya, believe it or not, among them, tak ada satu pun from my team, The Reds – pujaan hatiku, selepas Kedah 🙂 . For obvious reason of course, if you get what I mean.

Thus, when the team announced early this year that the main sponsor for the team starting 2010/2011 season will be the above, it’s just a matter of time for me to finally complete my collection 😀 . The last piece of the puzzle, huhu…

Errr, Cik Novelis, my birthday kan lagi 7 bulan. Tak leh bagi hadiah awai skit ka? Kira cam pre-birthday gift gitu2 …


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