Newbie vs Seasoned…

In any conferences, you can always tell whether the person standing behind the lectern (often mistaken as rostrum), is a newbie or a seasoned speaker…

Read the texts on his/her powerpoints verbatimly (without fail)
Stay strictly behind the lectern
Less eye contacts with the audience
Stick to the time limit (kalau 10 minit diberi, 10 minitlah presentationnya :))

Appears relax and crack a few jokes here and there
Powerpoint is there to supplement his/her presentation
Always jalan2, pusing2 and ask questions (that’s why I never sit at the aisle, kang tak pasal2 lak kena tanya, huhu…)

During one of this afternoon’s presentations, one of the presenters were quoting a couple of papers by a well-known author in KM to support his arguement. During the Q&A session, a man from the audience started to ask a few questions regarding some of the points in the papers which the presenter quoted before.

The presenter managed to answer the questions thrown at him with flying colors. Guess what? It turned out to be that the man asking the question was actually the lead author of the papers. Like seriously, I think I can never forget the suprised look on the presenter’s face moments the moment the author uttered these words,

“By the way, the papers you were quoting just now are mine.”

He’s just star-strucked. It’s like meeting a celebrity I tell you 8) …


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