Till we meet again…

This was my second visit to KT this year. The previous was to present papers and this time around to attend a conference of which the subject matter is very closed to my heart…

Ironically, both events took place at the same hotel, huhu…

Nway, as of now @ 1:00 pm, I’m blogging from the airport. Just had my lunch – benarnya ada kupon untuk lunch kat hotel tadi, tp takpa lah. After having the same menu for breakie and lunch over the past couple of days, I guess I’ll pass 🙂 .

My flight is at 4:00 pm, but I don’t mind the waiting. Laptop and mobile broadband are here to keep me company…

Btw, welcome back home to my sis and family. I guess they’re right now in midair, travelling  from LA heading back to Malaysia for good. Ramadhan & AidilFitri nanti kita puasa & raya sekali 😀 . Kakak ngan Adik pun dah tak sabar nak jumpa Tasneem & Wafi…


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