Singapura – Part 1

Flight to Singapore

Errr, actually I intended to skip this part. But, for future reference, I guess  it’ll be good if I jot down a few details…

Our flight to Singapore that day was around 2:45 pm. To start things with, it was Sunday and boy, I was so lazy to get up that morning to pack my stuff. Lepas kemas mana yang patut, around 11:45 in the morning, I was on my way to Kota Warisan. Instead of parking my car at LCCT, I figured it’ll be better if I park the car at my sis’s place.

Arrived at the airport at 1:15 pm and went straight to the check-in counter.

Alamak, tak ada lak yang tulis Singapura atau yang sewaktu dengannya. Rupanya, for a few destinations, for what ever reason, AA grouped them together under ‘Common Check-In’ counters. It’s on your left, once you entered the check-in area. Tercuak sekejap, ingatkan dah tutup…

Btw, to visit Singapore, you DO NOT need a VISA. Just get ready with your passport. And yes, a valid one would be helpful too…

My boarding pass stated 2:10 pm as the boarding time. After tired of waiting, I went to gate Y2 (my-flight designated gate). To my suprise, the officer in charge told me, I couldn’t pass thru since it’s not 2:10 pm yet. Why laa…?

Fine, I’ll wait. Later on, guess what happened? Traffic jam, huhu… I guess they didn’t expect the plane was going to be full.

My sit was 21A. Window-seat as always. It cost me RM5 though. Nothing is free on AA (a bag which is less than 15kg = RM20). And the best moment of the 45 mins flight? I had nasi ayam, waka2. Pre-ordered masa beli tiket dulu. Kena lagi RM8…

My return ticket KL – Singapore – KL = RM206. Cheap huh? Tiket pergi balik cuma RM12 je. The rest tu, airport tax la, insurance, etc…

Next: Changi Airport. Impressive gilak kalau banding ngan Newark, huhu…


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