We all know, it’s customary to bring back some souvenirs to our loved ones, friends and dear colleageus whenever we get to travel. Well, that was exactly what our group did during our 1st night at Singapore…

First stop was a souvenir shop @ Orchard Road. Rambang mata weh. But since I was on a very tight budget (remember, baru lepas beli Wii kan 8) ), puas la memilih. Key chains and fridge magnets were the top two items that night, obviously…

After spending nearly 30 mins pusing sana, pusing sini, I got myself a t-shirt, a paper weight and a few key chains. Memang tak cukup, kena cari lagi ni.

Thinking that I still have a couple of days before heading back home, there must be some other places…

My instinct was right. During the 1st day of the conference, our senior director recommended us to visit Arab Street to taste the best briyani in Singapore. Needless to day, right after the day’s session ended, off we went. Saya yang menurut perintah, huhu…

Yup, the briyani @ Restoran Zam Zam was delicious all right. $5 per plate is reasonable I think. Tapi yang best laie, the souvenirs are REALLY2 affordable kat sini. So, when you’re in Singapore and are looking for souvenir, Arab Street is definitely the place you want to go and be.

Me likey 😀


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