Wii, after 3 weeks…

I loike :D…

Of all the games we tried so far, Wii Sports is just awesome, especially bowling. The game really demonstrates what Wii is capable of. Ayu and I are on it EVERYDAY, very2 addictive…

Some words of caution though. If you’re planning to practice your single-hand topspin backhand stroke in tennis, please warm up dulu, no kidding. Ayu gave up tennis after playing it once due to multiple sport related injuries 8) …

Walaupun Wii BEST (tak caya, tanya Aqif), tetapi harus diingat sekiranya anda mengharapkan sesuatu yang mengkagumkan dari segi gameplay etc mcm PS2/PS3, rasanya lebih baik batalkan niat nak dapatkan Wii.

I’ve tested FIFA WC 2010, Pro Evo Soccer 2009 and 2010. Kurang FEEL sesangat, unlike PS2. With PS2’s Winning Eleven, I could spend several hours non-stop playing it. But with Wii, soccer/football is just not the same anymore…

Final say, I believe Wii is made for fun and entertainment, you have to check you emo/serious face at the door. Seriously no room for it. Fun all way 😀

Hardcore gamers, better stick to PS2, PS3  serta yang sewaktu dengannya…


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