Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan, Part Deux… :-)

Alhamdullilah, rezeki Ramadan Al-Mubarak…

A fter an agonising 7 weeks of waiting, the result for HLP 2011 was finally made available online. And Alhamdulillah, JPA approved my application this time around :).

Terubat sudah kesedihan tak dapat sambung last year, huhu… Thanks to all for the support and encouragement given.

So begins my journey with HLP… for the second time.

After taking into consideration so many factors, I’ve decided to accept what was offered to me @ to pursue my studies locally. My instinct tells me most likely it got something to do with my years in Bramall Court, Salford and Brinsmade Terrace, Troy prior to this…

Initially I planned to follow-thru with an appeal. But after a deep soul-searching session (which included a 30-min phone discussion @ 7:00 am with my parents), the plan was shelved indefinitely.

I believe every cloud has a silver lining. Dah tentu ada hikmah di sebaliknya…

As for the choice of university, it will be most likely will be at one of the unis in Lembah Klang. I already have 2 unis in mind, but until I found the right supervisor, the selection is still wide open…

During the HLP’s briefing held yesterday @ JPA, we were told that this year the number of applicants approved for HLP was about 380.

Instead of offering more places for oversea placement, they decided to be more selective and as a result of that, more officers got the opportunities to further their studies in MSc or Ph.D locally. Wise decision!

Since I will be studying locally, the pre-pengajian thingy that need to be completed and taken care of is not as cumbersome as compared to during my pre-RPI in ’05/’06.

There’ll be no BTN, no GRE (mmg tak sanggup nak amik dah) and no interview for VISA among others.

Oh yes, for Ph.D done locally, JPA approved 36 – 48 months. Kira lama gak tu tak masuk ofis…

Btw, if I ain’t mistaken, kalau result HLP 2011 kuar 2 weeks b4 AidilFitri (via the web @ esila), interestingly enough, when I called JPA during the 3rd week of Oct ’05 to find out the status for my application for HLP 2006, it was 2 weeks b4 AidilFitri as well. Hmmm…

Btw, I just realised something. If everything goes well according to schedule, I’ll be 40 by the time I report back for duty after completing my studies. Errr….


10 responses to “Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan, Part Deux… :-)

  1. Tahniah!
    memang tahun ni peruntukan ke oversea dikurangkan.
    janji ada rezeki disponsor. jalan je.

  2. Tahniah Ayien…. Fokus area apa pulak this time? All the best.

  3. bagus tu.. topik KM nie dlm perkhidmatan awam pun sedang giat dibangunkan. In fact, MAMPU ada kumpulan pakar yg fokus on this. Apa-apa pun, all the best…

  4. Tahniah!Bertuah dpt HLP kali kedua tu.

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  6. Salam..

    Tumpang tanya, normally kalau submit applocation on March bila agaknya interview untuk HLP akan diadakan dan bilakah pula keputusan interview akan keluar?

    • W’kumussalam,

      Biasanya a month after submitting the application, pihak Jabatan akan conduct the interview internally (bukan gunasama). Kalau gunasama, interview kat JPA. Then the list will be submitted to JPA. Result-wise, most likely 1 / 1.5 months after the submission date. All the best!

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