Bukit Kiara…

HLP 2011. Here we go. The point of no return…

Starting next week, I’ll be attending a 6-week ‘Kursus Persediaan Ijazah Kedoktoran (Ph.D) bagi Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan 2011’ @ INTAN, Bukit Kiara as part of the prerequisites as stated in the JPA’s temp. offer letter .

It’s called temporary offer letter because the candidates must first fulfill certain things before being issued with a confirmed offer letter such as to attend and pass the 6-week preparation course and received at least one offer letter from university yg menjadi pujaan hati.

For overseas candidates, on top of the above, they have to attend and pass the 4D 5N BTN course and related language test eg TOEFL or IELTS.

Basically, this course is intended to prepare the students for research works and related stuffs which among others includes modules such as research methodology, statistics and SPSS. Good stuff!

I seriously thought the course will be held somewhere early next year, NOT right away after Eid Fitri’s hols. Kelam kabut kejap kat opis minggu ni. Mana yang tak sempat nampak gaya kena delegate le jawabnya.

Walaumacamanapun, kira okey gak ler, kursus kali ni 6 minggu jer. Sebelum ni, mcm tahun2 lepas, kurang lebih 3 bulan. Lagi haru beb…

Anyway, for those of you who never been to INTAN’s Bukit Kiara before, apart from the lecture halls and the facilities they provided over there, they also have hostels @ twin-sharing room. But since the rooms are quite limited, they are only available for students who are staying outside the Klang Valley.

Thus, kira cam masuk ofis gak la ni, huhu…  Still WP1. Cumanya masa tinggal kat kuarters Jln Duta circa ’06 dulu, boleh la balik rumah masa break tengahari. Kali ni nampak gaya, kena crash mana2 bilik coursemate la sementara nak menunggu kelas mula balik petang nanti…

Errr btw, I’m thinking of blogging on the activities covered during the course – on daily basis. Should be interesting, looking forward to it…

Rasa2 macam nak tulis buku pun ada pasal my journey ni. Dah berjangkit drpd cik novelis tu…


2 responses to “Bukit Kiara…

  1. Well… INTAN kiara tu ok lah. tapi kesian kat org2 Lembah2 Klang la sbb x dpt stay kat situ. But rooms dia yg kt new building tu mmg ada wifi… back in 2007 masa stay situ. Now nie rasanya dah better lg kot.

  2. Yes, Firah. Baru terperasan ada building baru @ asrama di depan dewan makan. Wi-Fi memang menyeluruh di INTAN 😀 …

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