INTAN: Day 1…

Activity of the day: Orientation

Nothing much happened on Day 1. As expected, the 1st day was reserved for some introduction for what to expect in the upcoming 6 weeks. And of course, the usual ice-breaking session…

During registration that morning at Seri Mutiara 2 & 3, we have to pay the course fee (very2 minimal). Was informed it can be claimed later from the opis.

Nonetheless, I am more than willing to pay for it. Just imagine for that amount of money, you’ll be getting some profs., drs., and experts to come in and give lectures and advice to you. Plus they provide lunch as well. Kalau tak boleh claim pun, I don’t mind 🙂

The best part, it was the same room I attended during my previous QA at INTAN back in 2006. Just like before, I picked a set a few rows from the front – right next to the window :D. We were seated in classroom style, 3 in each row seperated by 2 aisles…


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