INTAN: Day 2 & 3…

Activity of the day(s): Reading & Writing Skills

The second day started off with the presence of 2 familiar faces in the class. Prof Reading aka Dr Razak Dali and his wife, Pn Sharipah were there 8) – which could only mean one thing, lectures on how to read and write – the correct and proper way awaited us :).

I first met both them during my QA4 for my preparation for MSc 4 years back. If I’m not mistaken, Dr Razak was the first person in Malaysia to obtain a D.Ed In Reading (perhaps he is still the only one).

Since I already attended his lectures before this, I kinda  got some ideas what he’ll be presenting to the class. Like before, he started his lecture by throwing out a few questions to the class (his trademark 😀 ); apa itu banding dan beza? apakah itu falsafah, teori etc? Habis semua nama kena panggil, huhu…

The one thing that I still remember during his lecture in 2006 was his point on how in postgrad studies, 70% reading comes from journals and articles while the rest from books. True enough, that was what exactly he reminded the class later that morning.

However, when he told the class that for those who are going to pursue their studies locally, we might be having some issues with access to journals since some of the unis may not subscribe to most of them unlike overseas (due to budget etc), tetiba terasa kelam sekejap, huhu….

Hmmm, hopefully my new found colleagues who are heading to UK can assist us on this…

Once in a while during his lectures, he would stop for a few mins to share with us his experience of studying at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – on how he loved to travel during the summer and the sight of the golden leaves that fell on the ground during fall season. Detik tu, tetiba jer teringat Troy, huhu…

During the summer of 2007, I had the chance to travel to NIU – Northern Illinois University for Midwest 2007 – the annual sporting event held annually by the Malaysian students in USA.

I managed t0 spend a few hours at Chicago during the trip and boy, what a city it was. The Windy City as it is widely recognised, is located near Lake Michigan. Memang sejuk. And the best part, you can get HALAL KFC kat situ 😀


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