During the spring of 2007, I took a class on Science Writing as part of the requirements for my MSc. Ni kira kes paksa-rela la. If I was given a chance at that time, memang tak akan pandang sebelah mata langsung subjek ni, huhu…

The reason being, the class was all about writing and reading which I have to admit not my cup of tea (it’s technical not creative writing, mind you – which basically made it much more interesting).

But as they often say, to conquer your weakness or fear is to confront it, macam anak  jantan. So I did 8) .

Needless to say, I was struggling at first, seriesly . Terasa macam nak drop the class pun ada :(. But with the continuous help and advice from Prof Odell, after a few weeks, I managed to get hold of myself and starting to enjoy the class more and more.

Little did I know a few years later, the decision for not dropping the class was probably one of the wise decisions I ever made in life. After listening to 3 days of lectures at INTAN, I began to understand how important it is to hone your writing skills in order to produce a 1st class thesis.

And suddenly, all the hard work and countless nights of staying up to write 1,000-word of article on weekly basis during that spring is somehow looking not bad, not bad at all 🙂 …


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