INTAN @ Day 10

Activity of the day(s): Qualitative Methodology

Today, it was Dr Amirul Shah from School of Management, USM’s turn to be with the class. His expertise is on Qualitative Research.

One interesting fact about his PhD was that he took THREE years for data collection alone – where in doing so, he was attached to one of the Fortune 500 companies. Talk about perseverance, huh?

The reason being he did it using the action research method, which is one of the instruments in qualitative research. We’re lucky to have him with us, no doubt…

After googling his name, I found out he’s currently doing a research on KM. What a coincidence :).

During the break, that was around 4:00 pm btw, I approached him to find out some info on his works. Lepas beborak sekejap, it turned out, whilst I was at Salford circa ’96 – ’98, he was doing his PhD at Lancaster. Ada gak la a few time he came to Salford, huhu…

The class today I have to say¬† was a little bit ‘heavy’ and of great intensity. He introduced the concept and techniques available for qualitative research and elaborated on the differences between quantitative and qualitative research. The key point he kept on repeating over and over again was:

Change is Constant

Simple but deep…

I think I have to re-read Aristotle for Everybody. Now, if I can just remember where did I put it the last time I read it, hmmm…


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