INTAN @ Day 11

The class today started a bit late @ 3:00 pm since Dr Amirul had to be in USM for a meeting with the VC in the morning. Took the opportunity to stop by the office around 1:00 pm after a 10-day hiatus.

Btw, if you’re driving on NKVE during the noon on weekdays, don’t bother to take the Damansara’s exit. The jam was unbearable, huhu…

Once arrived at the office, saw some familiar faces at the ground floor, doing some decorating stuff thingy. Oh yeah, I just remember: CKUB’s Jamuan Aidil Fitri tomorrow. Adus, termiss kali ni. If I left around 12:30 pm from INTAN for TIMA, don’t think I’ll have ample time to mingle around ;( . So, kirim salam di angin lalu je lah tahun ni…

At 2:45 pm, I was back at INTAN. To find a parking around Blok Akademik is a breeze, one of the things which I like about this 6-weeks course :D.

Btw, I think the DPA’s course for PTD has ended, dah tak nampak those officers around INTAN lately…

Our proposal defend sessions are due this coming Thursday and Friday. Mine is on Friday afternoon @ 12:15 pm: 15 mins for presentation and another 15 for Q&A. Hopefully I’ll get useful feedback from the examiner in order to polish my proposal before sending it out to a few potential supervisors…

The class today was about Literature Review. According to Dr Amirul, he read 784 articles/journals for his PhD. Hmmm, someone told me on average PhD candidates are required to read between 700 – 1000. Pergh, kena mula baca dari sekarang kalau gitu…


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