Mid Valley @ 10.10.10

@ 9:45 am today, the four of us was already at Mid Valley – to attend the 13th Post Graduate Fair. Macam selalu, when it comes to MV, it’s either before 10 or tak payah pergi langsung. Beyond 10, parking is a luxury πŸ™‚ . Lagi senang nak dapat parking kat Central Park, NYC dari MV huhu…

Since we haven’t had our breakfast yet, we went straight to the food court. 2 plates of nasi campur = RM12.60. Ok la, so and so. Teh Ais = RM3.00 and Mango = RM2.80. Again, so and so.

Luckily for me, the exhibition was located on the same floor as the food court. The registration process was surprisingly quick and simple. Isi borang dalam seminit, hantar kat registration booth, dapat sticker, lekat di baju, siap. I like …

Btw, when we first arrived on the floor (en route to the food court), terperasan something. Apsal ramai sangat orang nie? That was around 9:55 am. Kami datang lambat ke? When the door was finally open @ 10:00 am, berderu orang masuk. I was thinking like,

“Ramainya orang nak gi sambung study. Bagus betul.”

Rupa2nya, after referring to the leaflet, baru tau the post grad fair was organized together with job fair. Fatut la. When I entered the education hall, tak ramai pun kat situ. Ramai yang pergi ke job fair hall…

Overall, there was about 30 education institutions who took part. I managed to visit a few of them, namely USM, UTM, UM, UIA, UKM, UPSI, MMU, UNITEN and UTP. Notice tak apa uni mana yang mising?

UiTM! Not sure why they didn’t participate. Nway, my standard questions asked were as follows:

  • Errr, for PhD is the intake thru out the year or by semester?
  • Should I contact the potential supervisor first or send my application & proposal directly to the Grad School?
  • How much is the fee?
  • What’s the average time period to complete the studies?
  • Do you offer Graduate Assistantship?

More or less, the responds from all were basically the same:

  • PhD intake is thru out the year. Tak kisah nak masuk bila2 πŸ˜€
  • As for the application, it’ll be better if applicant to talk to the potential supervisor first before sending the application.
  • Fee ranging between Rm1,500 to RM2,500 per semester.
  • To graduate, 4 semesters is the min while 5 years max – on average.
  • Some unis offer GA, some don’t. Monthly stipend is between RM900 – RM3,000. I loike…

Hmmm, rasanya dah dapat idea how to go about applying for a spot in local unis. Sekarang tengah dok pikiaq, bila mau start?

Kalau mula awal, macam tak cukup preparation.

Kalau lambat skit (second half of 2011), sempat getting ready mana yang patut, kerja kat opis pun boleh diserahkan dengan teratur. Lagipun dengar2 cerita, ada new exercise untuk pemangkuan tak lama lagi. Kalau ada rezeki, Insya Allah…

So, here’s my tentative plan (of course subject to change. Remember? Change is Constant) …

1st yearΒ  : Oct 2011 – Sept 2012
2nd year: Oct 2012 – Sept 2013
3rd year: Oct 2013 – Sept 2014
4th year: Oct 2014 – Sept 2015 (Masa kecederaan)


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  1. Good luck!


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