INTAN @ Day 18

I’m still recuperating from demam, dah masuk day 4. Missed last Tuesday’s class on Structural Equation Modelling as a result of it – luckily ada handouts given. But not too sure though how helpful it’ll be without proper explanation, huhu…

It’s been quite hot and humid over the past few days unlike last week where it rained almost everyday.

As for the class, after 3 weeks of Research Methodology, the topic for this week and the week to come is Statistics. More or less I guess, it’s the same stuff which I went thru during the last QA in ’06.

And when we talk about Stats, of course, one of the pre-requisites is to find yourself a scientific calculator. The last time I used one was, yes, you guess it right, last QA gak. No idea what so ever where did I keep the one I bought last time. So hopefuly, this time around I’ll be using it thru out the course of my PhD studies later 😀 ….

My research proposal more or less is solid concrete. Just need a few minor touch-up here and there – should be settled this weekend. I’m hoping to send it to my potential supervisors next month…


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