INTAN @ Day 19

I arrived at the class today 1/2 prepared for the pop quiz scheduled later in the afternoon. The nite before, I managed to selak2 the stats notes given to us last Wednesday. Harap2 the lecturer will do a bit of quick revision in the morning before the quiz…

To my amazement horror, I found out the test was set @ 9:00 this morning. Errk?!

Rupanya, it was decided during yesterday’s afternoon session, which I didn’t attend (it’s optional).

Hmm, what to do, redah jelah 🙂 . The test started @ 8:55 am – 20 questions all together – A, B, C and D. Thus, the probability one got it spot on is 25%. I loike…

It was an-hour test. Puas la malam sebelumnya menghafal formula z score, tak kuar lak, huhu.

The questions were more the concept of statistics and its functions. Rasanya almost 1/2 of them, faham gak le soklannya. Unfortunately not the case for the other half. Hentam jelah Labu…

In the end, I’m quite satisfied with all my answers. Insya Allah, semua lulus harap2 nya :D…


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