Servis @ PHY…

@ 8:30 this morning, I found myself in front of Chan’s Auto Service at Seksyen 25 – to get PHY **96 serviced. Was the second/third person there. By 9:05 am, after the keys exchanged hands, went for breakfast at a nearby stall.

Nasik lemak with ayam masak kicap & teh ais = RM4 ~ USD1 😀

Boleh tahan nasik lemak ni. Was enjoying the dishes it while reading Saturday’s The Star. Sambil2 tu, sempat gak plan nak buat nak ngan RM500’s special payment that was announced by PM, huhu…

20 mins later, I was back at Chan’s. Laju bisnes pagi ni. Dah ramai yang queue up to get their car serviced. The waiting lounge is comfy. Got free wi-fi as well – it’s quite a norm nowadays I supposed. Tp tak nampak lak, ada yang buka/bawak laptop…


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