Social Network…

Malaysians have the most friends on their social networks, while Japanese users have the fewest.

Interesting findings indeed. By social networks, I can safely assumed, Facebook is numero uno follows by the others (Btw, does anyone use Friendster or MySpace anymore nowadays?) …

In Malaysia the average number of friends is 233, closely followed by 231 in Brazil and 217 in Norway.

This contrasts to an average of just 29 friends in Japan, and 68 in China.

Culture was suggested to have something to do with it. Spot on, I believe.

As well as having the most friends, Malaysians are also the heaviest users of social networking sites, spending an average of nine hours per week on them.

Simple observation study while I was @ a hypermarket today for groceries:

  • Lady mending a CDs stall -Facebook
  • A couple having breakfast at a fast food joint – Facebook
  • Guy looking after a used-book stall – Facebook

Btw, I’m not a stalker, k? It’s just that, as a person who spend roughly 1/2 hour a day checking what others are doing on FB (ceh, cover line konon!), it’s hard to let the blue-white colored FB’s distinct logo goes unnoticed…

And one more thing, it’ll just a matter of time before fb becomes a verb just like google, huhu… Contohnya;

“I’ll fb you later tonite…”

I rest my case…


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