555 @ History…

Over the past couple of months, my fav channel on the tube just go to be 555 @ History Channel. My must-watch programmes…

Pawn Stars 8)

Simply love the series. Informative gilak. You get to learn the history part (of the items being traded – heaps of it) and the art of communication and negotiation. My fav character definitely Chumlee…

This show taught me something valuable. Knowledge is distributed and ubiquitous. Being in their line of business, jenuh la nak amek tau pasal semua benda. When they are not sure about something, they would call their ‘penasihat’. Work smart bro…

Top Shot

Watched the 2-hour premier show last week. Layan beb. 16 participants coming from various background – ada yg x-marines, e-police officers, national shooting champions etc…


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