Double Whammy…

I have a secret…

I know absolutely nothing about those complicated  and alien thingy underneath the hood of a car 😉 . Seriously it’s like rocket science for me, huhu…

Thus, it’s no surprise that when I couldn’t start my car last Tuesday morning, the first time that came to my mind – must call my car insurance asking for a tow truck 🙂

I managed to crank the car a few times. The problem was it wouldn’t start. Nak kata bateri, namumkin. Lampu menyala okey je.

It turned out the culprit was the fuel pump. Rupa2nya, it’s a common problem. Terbang melayang RM700…

Oh yes, the title says ‘Double Whammy’ right?

Last Friday, on the way back to my house from INTAN, I stopped by a shop @ Seksyen 6 to get some groceries. Btw, I was driving my wifey’s car. Once I got back into the car and tried to start it, it wouldn’t. Ketegaq ni, huhu….

This time around, no cranking sound at all. Lampu tak nyala, radio tak bunyi. Rasa macam bateri sudah kong. Namumkin. Just sent the car for maintenance last week.

Turned out, confirmed it’s the battery. Melayang RM175, huhu…

What to do, expect the unexpected 🙂 and get on with it. Life do has its own ups and downs…

Errr, public service announcement kejap. Gaji bulan Nov masyuk on the 10th. Nice2 😀 …


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