Look Ma, NO Remote!

When Wii was first released back in late November of 2006, MUST GET ONE was all I could think of. Superb gilak, simply radical and innovative motion controlled game console.

Little that I knew back then, how difficult it was to get it in the first place. Kirim salam la kalau dapat cari kat Wal Mart, Target or Best Buy kat area Troy masa tu…

After 4 years of waiting, last June I finally decided to get one for the family. It’s fun all right. Unfortunately as a ardent fan of Winning Eleven 8, PS2 is still the one for me – I guess if I could stick the Wii Remote on my left foot, it would be a different story all together…

But wait, you know what’s better? Not controller at all, huhu… Yup, that’s what Microsoft did. They just released their revolutionized XBox Kinect yesterday.  Awesome tu, everything will be based on gamer gestures.

Layan beb kalau main Winning E macam ni 😀 . Siap boleh gelecek lagi. Kalau boleh buat bicycle kick, pergh…

What others are saying about Kinect:

First impressions: Microsoft’s Kinect gaming system

Lighting affects Kinect’s face recognition, report says

However I’m not too sure about the ads though, macam recycle Wii punya jer, huhu…

Especially the first one, apa cita dressed up kat rumah – macam nak kuar gi dinner jer gayanya. Bagi la pakai kain pelikat cap gajah mada sama singlet pagoda, baru nampak real, wakawaka…


2 responses to “Look Ma, NO Remote!

  1. ni terbaru agaknya. anak saya baru je beli dah keluar benda ni pulak. hmm macam-macam, teknologi.

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