N73 is back…

After a few months hiatus due to technical malfunctions (errr, battery kong ler), my N73 is back in my humble life.

Although my Samsung is portable and tough like a brick (I accidentally dropped it a few times, still hidup laie, huhu), one thing about the phone that keep on bugging me is the sms capability. Kekadang nak view a message will take ages to open up. Tension weh…

Jadinya, semalam kat Plaza Masalam, terbeli juga bateri baru @ RM70. Before this, the old battery would last only for a few minutes – ni kes terlebih charging ler, left if being charged overnight.

My colleagues have been urging me to get iPhone 4 since the first day it was released in Malaysia. Errr, menarik gak tu. But, it’s just that the thought of spending a couple of thousands buckaroos when I already have a decent phone is mind boggling (to me at least)…

Love this quote I encountered recently…

“What you’ve never had, you never miss”


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