Salam AidilAdha…

Salam AidilAdha from the four of us :D.

Originally, we planned to head back to ASKed today, unfortunately Khairina & Aqif still got another couple of days of schooling left before the long awaited break.

So the balik kampung trip was postponed to this Friday. For those of you readers who are ‘balikking’ kampung,  drive safely guys!

Btw, as I’m writing this entry, there is a major traffic jam occurring at PLUS, near Jelapang due to landslide. Memang kena banyak bersabar tu…

Yesterday, I was one of the unfortunate motorists who were caught in the near standstill traffic at Subang due to flash flood. Masa tu barulah terasa best kalau dapat bawa auto instead of manual, huhu…


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