Saba’ …

I think it was over a year ago that I first came across the name Restoran Saba’ during one conversation I had with my colleagues. I have to confess, I’m not that much into Middle Eastern delicacies, but gimme a chicken kebab on any given day, sure licin :). Thus, nak gak rasa kebab kat Saba’ ni…

After a year, I finally got the opportunity. Went there with my sis and her family (the one we visited was at Cyberjaya. There’s another one at Setiawangsa as well). At first I was quite concerned about the size of crowd. Mind you, it was around 8:00pm, dinner time and secondly, weekend Saturday ie for sure penuh.

Yup, as expected, a full house awaited us. The parking lots needless to say was full with cars.

Inside the restaurant, you’ll be quite lucky if you manage to find empty tables. Punyalah ramai umat.

Aight, let’s just fast forward to the makan2 part. Obviously, I went straight for chicken kebab. It was priced at RM14. Didn’t wait long for the food to arrive. My verdict, the chicken kebab was okay, not great.

The reason being, everything was placed individually on the plate, unwrapped (just like the pic above).

I prefer my kebab to be nicely wrapped just like the kebab I often had at Piccadilly Station circa ’96 – ’98 (GBP 3; it’s so massive, you can even save it for dinner if you bought it for lunch).

The good thing about this particular eatery, the service is second to none (pretty fast considering the torrent of patrons coming in and out last nite) and the price is quite reasonable as well.

The downside, the deco definitely need some makeover – nampak cam biasa2 jer, maybe it’s one of their strategies to keep the cost of the food down. And air condition will be very much appreciated by the patrons…

Thanks Pak Ngah & Mak Ngah for the treat 😀 …


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