There can be only one King Kenny…

Happy Sad to say, todays’ departure of Mr Hodgson as The Reds manager was inevitable. After securing only 3 points out of potential 12 over last 4 league games (err, kira nasib gak yg menang tu – last minit abis baru J.Cole dapat score), the news came as no surprise.

His replacement? Non other than Anfield’s favourite son back, King Kenny.

This is Kenny Dalglish’s second spell as Liverpool’s manager. The first time was back in the golden era of 1985 – 1990 where he managed to guide the Reds to 3 league titles. Not bad huh?

The timing couldn’t be better. Just a day ahead of the massive FA Cup clash against the Red Devils, it would definitely instill the feel-good sentiment among the players. Not forgetting to the fan as well.

Asyik2 kena titik jer, letih gak bro. Nak pi opis hari Isnin pun tak semangat, huhu…

Still, I got some reservations over his appointment. His last two managerial stints at Newcastle and Celtic were not something to be remembered especially by him. Taken the fact the amount of changes in football over the past 10 years – tactical and technical-wiser , he may need some time to get Liverpool back on the glory road…


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