Bila nak sambung?

Aaaaa, the popular question I’ve been asked quite often lately, huhu…

Frankly speaking, I haven’t gave it much thought since I last left INTAN on the last day of Oct ’10. My initial plan back then (and still is) was to register during the 2nd half of of 2011, but still it would depend on me finding the right supervisor etc…

Ever since my application for HLP 2011 was approved by JPA, till date I’ve interviewed almost 20 individuals (ranging from my senior colleagues who just got back from their studies, a few lecturers and a couple of Assc Profs).

Without failed, all of them cited finding the right supervisor is CRUCIAL and should be placed at the top when it comes to the determining factors that need to be considered in applying for PhD placement…

If I was to name the main reason which prevented me from proceeding with my PhD application just yet, it’s definitely due to the research project I’m currently heading. It has been a roller coaster ride over the past 9 months. So many works and paperwork need to be done and submitted.

Selagi tak siap projek tu, memang tak sedap duduk, huhu. Luckily it’s almost near the end. Another 3 weeks to go. Lepas tu, all clear 😀 …

Hopefully, comes February I could fully concentrate on my application. My research proposal still need some polishing to be done. Nothing major, just a few para to be added on…


2 responses to “Bila nak sambung?

  1. Best of luck. Yes, indeed I agree to the supervisor part, though I am just setahun jagung in this journey. hehe. Jangan lama2, come and join the club! 🙂

  2. Thanks DeLinn. Kalau ikutkan hati, nak je sambung studi esok. Tp memandangkan banyak benda nak kena settle dulu, itu yang tengah tahun jadinya. Doa2kan lah sy dpt supervisor yg SESUAI ye :D…

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