Tukar lagi…

About a year ago, I decided to dump the ‘not so’ IzzI and changed to a BB provider which boasted claimed to be as follows:

Selamat datang ke dunia terpantas, terluas, terjelas dan terhebat…

Guess what? After a year of using the service, last week I decided to change again. This time around, it’s …

Huhu, tukar plan jer. I’ve migrated from the RM98/month plan to RM48/month plan.

Nothing changes actually. Well, that’s the BEST part of all :D.

The speed remains the same, 3.6Mbps for downloading. Data quota still 5Gb before the ‘fair use policy’ starts to  kick in.

Rahsianya? It’s all in the phrase ‘Saya Yang Menurut Perintah”…

Of course, when it comes to wireless BB, there’s always be the love/hate relationship. Bila speed cecah 3Mbps, sayang abis. Bila time slow tu, rasa cam nak tukar jer, huhu…


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