Daily Archives: January 19, 2011

Say what?

Apo ko bondo pokcik Kenny cakap ni? 10 patah perkataan, 2 je yang boleh tangkap, huhu…

Even the Reds owner pun poning gak dengan accent pokcik Kenny,

Liverpool owner John W Henry has revealed he has been for dinner with Reds legend Kenny Dalglish and his wife.

“He needs to have a more substantive role within the club,” said the American, who added: “I understood about half of what he said, and I just nodded when I couldn’t understand.”

F.U.N.N.Y. 😀 …



I was reading this piece of news just now…

Motorists risk lives to collect coins strewn on highway

REMBAU: An accident that resulted in about RM75,000 worth of coins being strewn on a highway saw motorists risking their lives as they scrambled to get the money.

They parked their vehicles haphazardly along KM234 of the North-South Expressway and scooped the coins into helmets, pockets, plastic bags and whatever else that they could find until they were stopped by the police.

Some were seen squatting on the highway to collect the 10 sen, 20 sen and 50 sen coins and refused to budge despite pleas from the owners, who were on their way to distribute the coins to stores in Malacca.

Like, seriously?! In broad daylight some more…

This one was from NST…

Frantic rush for strewn coins after highway accident

REMBAU, Tuesday: Road-users risked life and limb as they scampered all over to collect loose change strewn along the expressway after a four-wheel-drive vehicle, which was transporting about RM70,000 in coins, overturned near here today.

The incident occurred around 3pm at KM244 of the North-South Expressway and it was learnt that the money, all in coins, was in a large metal container in the vehicle.

Road-users, including women, totally ignored the police and other officials as they ran all over the expressway to pick up the coins.
They were seen frantically picking 50, 20 and 10-sen coins and putting them into plastic bags, pockets and even their helmets.

Some were also seen sitting along the roadside and picking the coins, oblivious of the crash victim who had escaped with light injuries and was just metres away.