iPad Two…

Breaking News! iPad 2 is now on sale nationwide. Well, in the States benarnya. Over here, belum laie…

I was reading this interesting article on PC World on whether customers should buy the tablet thingy online or wait in line. It concludes that you’ll be better off to travel to one of the remote towns in US, stop by at an electronic store and ask for one.

The chances are you’ll not be returning home empty handed…

That was exactly what we experienced in Troy with Nintendo Wii. Remember what happen when Wii was first released in US? Wal Mart, Target, Best Buy semua abis, out of stock. During that period, in order to own one, you have to place an order. And you’re consider lucky if you could get it by the end of the month…

Satu hari we went to eat air at Bennington, VA. It was a couple of months after Wii was released. Still susah ya amat nak beli Wii tu. Kalau order, still kena tunggu kurang lebih 3 bulan.

En route, we made a quick stop at the local Target to get some stuff. Dah ada kat situ, saja2 gi tengok ada stok Wii tak. To my amazement, cantik jer ada 5 kotak. Tersusun. Tak ada orang kisah pun…

Tertekan kejap. Buat assignment 10-page tak pressure cam gini. Nak sambar ke tak ni? Macam best. Tp bila pikiaq2 balik, teringat pulak PS2 yang dah ada kat rumah tu. Tak jadi la nak beli.  Balik rumah terus layan Winning Eleven 😉 …


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