Langkawi @ 20110317 …

A quick trip to Langkawi during the school holiday.

My second visit to the island in a month. This time around we stayed at de Baron Resort. Spacious and wonderful service. They’re having a promotion for all their rooms. Ours @ RM190 for a deluxe room.

As for our ride, we rented HCity @ RM120/day. Brand new car lagi. Puas le memusing pulau tu…

Those pics above were taken at Tanjung Rhu…


2 responses to “Langkawi @ 20110317 …

  1. plan nk p sebelum fly hari tu…tapi tak sempat nak slot in lah…sibuk dgn benda lain…

  2. Langkawi sekarang dah tak sesibuk dulu… Masa aku pi sana, yang ramai backpackers kat area Chenang, di Kuah biasa2 jer…

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