Back from Langkawi…

Alhamdulillah, everything went well during the launch of my research team’s research project portal (kudos to all!) and later on my 1/2 hour’s presentation and demo of the portal. No technical problem at all, went smooth as plan – a big thanks to the 3 of you (you know who you are 🙂 ).

The only thing that I’m concerned is when I was on the stage that afternoon, speaking in front of approx. 200 pax, there’s no more butterflies in my stomach. Dah terbang tah ke mana.

In a way, I believe it’s a good sign. Shows that the stage and I are finally bosom buddies. But the thing is, I’m afraid later in the future, I might take it just too easy, and too casual. Which for a formal presentation might not be such a good thing. Hmmm…

Nway, it’s was a real downpour on the last day of my stay in Langkawi. Apa2 pun, sempat gak nyopping mana yang patut.

Yang bestnya, siap makan mee sup Langkawi dalam hujan lagi. Ada orang tu sampai order extra, huhu. Punyalah sedap katanya…


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