Special assignment…

Our fav’s novelist is currently on a special assignment which is due to be submitted by 9:00 am tomorrow. Thus the ‘No Bising’ and ‘Do Not Enter Mama’s Room’ zones have been enforced since yesterday 😀 …

Alhamdulillah, she’s on the right track to become a prolific writer nampak gayanya.

Tahun ni dah ada a few projects in hand, starting with the soon to be released novel, Sayangku Merajuk at PWTC at the end of the month…

Jadinya, hari ini En Abah @ En PA @ En Pengurus bertugas untuk mengawal selia En Pocoyo & Miss Girl Girl di samping memastikan kemua ahli baiti mendapat bekalan makanan yang secukupnya, huhu…

“Abah, Kakak hungry…”

“Errr, nasi goreng ada kat dapur. Baru je masak.”

“Okay, tq Abah.”

After a couple of mins…

“Errr Abah, this nasik goreng doesn’t taste like Mama’s…”
(in other words – tak sedap ler tu, huhu)

“Errr, telan je lah. Ptg nanti Abah pi cari McD.”

Hahaha, confirm fail jadi cook. Kalau masak maggie expert lak…

Update: Kensel McD. For dinner, we had nasik lemak ayam and char kuey teow Bob’s Corner @ Seksyen 18. Btw, we noticed something odd about the prawns used in the kuey teow this time. Apsal kecik sangat bro, tak macam biasa, huhu…


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