HLP ’12 is just around the corner…

Yesterday, JPA released HLP 2012’s pre-conditioning and a list of qualified/recognised universities. And among the things explained in the pre-conditioning, there’s this one particular para that caught my full attention:

Menerima tawaran tempat pengajian di universiti-universiti terkemuka seperti di LAMPIRAN 1 dan LAMPIRAN 2 dalam pelbagai bidang pengkhususan.

Calon-calon yang mendapat conditional offer daripada Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Oxford University dan Cambridge University dalam bidang-bidang spesifik mengikut kekuatan bidang dalam universiti berkenaan akan diberi keutamaan untuk mendapat untuk mendapat penajaan ke luar negara;

WoW, this is a GOLDEN opportunity for those of you who are eyeing the ever elusive overseas spots! Trust me, not so many spots are available, I know (based on personal experience, huhu…).

And oh yeah, just for the record, if given the chance, I definitely would  love to study at MIT… I know it’ll definitely be tough over there, but belum cuba belum tahu kan?

Errr, my PhD status? I’ve met my potential supervisor last month and Alhamdulillah, the response was great. More than what I could have ever expected. I’ve also contacted my RPI’s x-advisor for my referee letter and hopefully it will be in my mailbox within a week time.

Kalau everything goes according to schedule, Insya Allah the latest I’ll become a student (again) will be early August this year.


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