When I was @Salford, circa 96 – 98, Tekken was definitely The One when it came to fighting game for Playstation. Back then, no PS3 laie, just PS or better known now as PS1.

Fast forward 13 years laters, it’s Bakugan’s time to rule the world. Errr, the world of Wii of Course. Tapi pikir2 balik, Naruto Shipudden pun layan gak, huhu…

No wonder lately the whole family notice sudden changes in our dearest Pocoyo. Macam magik jer kerja sekolah dah siap by 5:30 pm. Just in time for me to got back home from opis…

“Abah, I’ll be player 1 aaa,” tersengih2 En Pocoyo sambil memegang Wii Mote…

“Errr, kalau ye pun, bagilah Abah bukak kasut dulu. Masuk rumah pun belum.” 😀


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