Quick Pitstop: Alor Setar & Penang …

Took a flight last Tuesday to Alor Setar from Subang via Firefly. My sit ~ 1A. Lodging at my parents’ house.

The next day attended a 1/2 day NeTI promotional road tour session at City Plaza. Delivered a paper on our experience implementing NeTI. Alhamdulillah, it went well. Met one of my colleagues from Unit QS, JKR Kedah…

Once ended, our team headed straight to Seberang Jaya via PLUS. Thanks for the lift, guys!

Stayed at Sunway Hotel, SJ. Rasa cam baru je hotel ni, dekat lak dengan Parkson. Malam tu, we drove across the bridge to taste the ever fofular Nasi Kandar Line Clear. Dah selalu dengar, tak pernah pi. Laaa, sempoi sungguh kedah/gerainya…

After a sumptuous dinner, we jalan2 cuci mata @ Batu Ferringhi. A quick stop at Hard Rock Hotel, stayed there for 20 mins, sambil2 layan live band at the lobby before patah balik ke SJ…

The next morning, delivered another talk in front of full-capacity audience (roughly 150 pax). After lunch, terus gerak ke airport di Bayan Lepas for a 3:30 pm flight back home…

Sampai di Subang, teringatkan pesan Adik to get him Toy Story magazine while Kakak for sure wanted her Bintang Kecil. For Cik Novelis, a white envelope awaits her :)…


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