Handball? What handball?

Mana ada handball. Just a few seconds only what? Still okey.

No penalty. Game on 8) …

Btw, while watching the post-celebration last night when Harimau Malaya went down to Taiwan by a goal difference, I was perplexed when the commentator mentioned extra time. Errr, bukan ada away goal rules ka?

Then he realized the blunder he just made and announced that we infact has qualified to the second round…

Petang tadi, just to be certained of what was the exact words uttered by the commentator, I watched the re-run. Elok nak masuk the part tu, kena censored lak 😉 …

Oh tidak, kita layak. Kita layak sebenarnya…

Well, people do make mistakes sometimes. After all, we are only human…

Seriously, homework are sometimes underrated…


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